Always Good to Come Back

Passionate couple

“So how have you been?”, he whispered into my ear after pulling me closer and planting a kiss on my forhead. I closed my eyes feeling his lips softly touching my face and slowly moving towards my lips. There was no need for the answer and in a matter of seconds I couldn’t have answered anyway, silenced with his passionate kiss.

We had seen each other for quite a few times since we were attending the same parties. We had even danced together, not even knowing each others’ names. When we finally introduced ourselves, it all evolved rather quickly, culminating in a passionate night with our bodies tangled in his moon lit bedroom.

Every time I was coming back to my home town, we were meeting for a glass of wine. I could tell he was missing me and I was longing for his strong arms caressing my body and his restlessness in bed. I always thought I was miss Insatiable, but he was even more insatiable than me, making me exhausted every time till the morning hours came.

“Have you had dinner yet?”, he texted me that day. When I replied that I hadn’t, he said he will think of something. An hour later I was sitting on his porch, watching him grilling some seafood. A bottle of chardonnay from his wine collection was a divine match to the meal, and we were sipping the last drops of it when he embraced me.

There was not much of a foreplay: we both were hungry for each other. Last time I saw him was almost five months ago – the longest since we had met. His lips were devouring mine and his hands exploring my curves and finding their way through the cleavage of my dress. He freed one of my breasts and started playing with the nipple. I wanted him bad. Moments later his lips were already sucking on my niplle greedily, squeezing it with his teeth every now and again.

I was shaking out of excitement. “How about we transfer to the bedroom?”, he suggested and took me there by my hand. He was so good at undressing me and my clothes were gone in no time. The only thing that was left were my panties. He decided to tease me a bit, feeling through them how wet I was and massaging my clit. I reached out for his bulge and he started groaning from pleasure.

The way he attacked me reminded of a wild animal attacking a prey. He entered me with great force, sucking on my nipples and firmly squeezing and massaging my breasts. I enjoyed feeling completely surrendered and helpless in his confident arms. All that I knew was that I didn’t want him to stop.

“Let’s have a snooze”, I whispered, feeling exhausted after an hour of a marathon, but I could already feel his hard on poking me from behind and him lifting my leg to get a better access. He started thrusting inside of me again, squeezing my breast with his hand and playing with the nipple. I was wide awake in no time, feeling hungry for more.

We hardly had a short nap when I realised it was already morning. “I better go home”, I kissed him softly and received a kiss back. “Stay for a bit”, he asked looking at me with a sleepy smile and then pulled me on the top of him. I didn’t expect that move, so I started giggling. I felt his morning glory between my thighs and those screams later on probably woke up all the neighbours, but we couldn’t help it. I didn’t want to leave, but I knew I have to, just so I can come back in a few months and we loose our minds for each other again, exploring all the shades of insatiable passion.

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