Making out couple

That face when I walked out of the bathroom. I saw him already naked, lying in bed leaning on his elbow, with only a corner of the blanket covering his hips and well-trained abs. I gasped silently. His natural innocent, almost Bambi look had something else in it. A bit of confusion, a bit of curiosity as if asking me “So you won’t get undressed?”.

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Missed Flight

Sexy bum

couldn’t believe it I missed the flight. I am very well organised and I usually come to the airport way in advance. I did it this time too, but I was so busy texting my new admirer, that I ended up waiting at the wrong gate and when I woke up to myself my plane was gone. Baggage pick up, fight rescheduling for the next morning, fancy airport hotel and a massive bill to pay for all of that. Needless to say, I was a bit upset with myself.

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Hungry for Her

Passionate sex

He was hungry, I could tell that. Texting me on Facebook every few minutes and giving those subtle hints. About a nice evening feeling incomplete after seeing out his guests. About bourbon collection he had and a glass of some precious drops he poured himself. About blues vinyl he put on to play. I coul tell he was hinting for me to come over. I also gave him hints I wouldn’t mind his company, but I was in this teasing mood. Catching a cab and going to his place was damn tempting. Especially when I hadn’t had sex for more than two months and my partner was coming back from overseas in a week’s time. So I toyed with the idea of meeting up with my beau, but I thought I’d resist it.

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My Girlfriend’s Son

Sex with younger man

My eyebrows lifted when I saw them walking towards me. I knew that my friend liked younger men, but I didn’t realise that she is into that young guys. She was dressed up, wearing her usual bright red lipstick and he was in a black coat, with a trendy haircut and a big knit scarf wrapped aroound his neck.

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Mister Irresistable

Woman lips

Back in the uni I used to sing in a student choir. There were quite a few nice guys, but everybody were good friends and I wasn’t even thinking of anything else. Until he showed up. We had a concert in another city and since there was a shortage of tenors, the choir leader invited somebody he knew to support us during that concert.

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Always Good to Come Back

Passionate couple

“So how have you been?”, he whispered into my ear after pulling me closer and planting a kiss on my forhead. I closed my eyes feeling his lips softly touching my face and slowly moving towards my lips. There was no need for the answer and in a matter of seconds I couldn’t have answered anyway, silenced with his passionate kiss.

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Russian Romance

Sexy woman on floor

I was standing in the wintery cold in the shadow of cathedral, watching small snowflakes spinning in the wind. He texted me he will be running late and I was dead tired after long working day. Maybe it wasn’t such a good idea to arrange a meet up with him. What was I thinking when I sent him that message on social network the other day?

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Passionate About Wine

Passionate about wine

I had seen him in that bar a few times before: broad shouldered, with glasses framing his square face and always with a suit jacket. As many times as I saw him, he was holding a glass of red wine in his hand, inhaling the aroma and examining the colour. He was doing it even when he was talking to somebody. And he usually was surrounded by women.

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