Wild Instincts

Holiday sex
We were visiting his parents for holidays. They lived in a nice countryside house surrounded by woods. The guest room that we were put up was very spacious with emperor sized bed, which was inviting us to try it out. As soon as we put our bags in the room and closed the door behind us, we started kissing and we ended up falling on the bed.

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More Than a Coffee

Coffee and sex
“Do you mind if I sit here?”, – a soft voice sounded from above. “Umm, yes…I mean, no…”, I stammered seeing light blue eyes and perfectly proportional features of a sexy stranger. He smiled. I smiled back and moved my coffee cup to the side of the table, making some space for his laptop. I was writing an article on my tablet, but he totally distracted me and I couldn’t get my thoughts back together. I caught a faint whiff of cedar wood, my favourite scent when it comes to men perfumes. I was smelling the air and peeking at him secretly while he hung his jacket on the chair and unwrapped his scarf.

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My Girlfriend’s Son

Sex with younger man

My eyebrows lifted when I saw them walking towards me. I knew that my friend liked younger men, but I didn’t realise that she is into that young guys. She was dressed up, wearing her usual bright red lipstick and he was in a black coat, with a trendy haircut and a big knit scarf wrapped aroound his neck.

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