Missed Flight

Sexy bum

couldn’t believe it I missed the flight. I am very well organised and I usually come to the airport way in advance. I did it this time too, but I was so busy texting my new admirer, that I ended up waiting at the wrong gate and when I woke up to myself my plane was gone. Baggage pick up, fight rescheduling for the next morning, fancy airport hotel and a massive bill to pay for all of that. Needless to say, I was a bit upset with myself.

I was sitting in a hotel bar sculling down the third gin and tonic and watching acrobats performing in front of me. That was a nice and unexpected bonus for all the hurdles I had to go through today. Two girls dressed in white were dancing in the air holding onto the fabric ribbons tied up high to the ceiling. Their movements were so svelte and the spectacle was breath-taking.

I thought I shouldn’t loose my mind drinking, so I promised to myself to go back to the room after one more GT. There were a couple of guys sitting a bit further at the bar. One of them came closer to order a drink. He started talking to me and offered me to join their company. I though I could do with a bit of conversation before I go to my room, so I moved closer to them. The guys appeared to be flight technicians servicing the planes in different parts of the world depending on the need. They were telling some jokes from their trips and we ended up having a good laugh. Some more drinks followed, making me break my promise not to have too many.

It was way past midnight and we were all quite tired. One of the guys said goodbyes and went to his room while me and the other one were still finishing our drinks.

I was feeling quite tipsy when I stood up. We both walked to the elevator and as soon as the door closed he pushed me to the wall and kissed me. That was so unexpected that I giggled and he smiled back, when the elevator stopped on his floor. “Shall I show you my room?”, he asked playfully and dragged me towards him. I knew where it was going, but the alcohol was doing the job and I didn’t care much.

We walked into his room and I stepped into the bathroom, wanting to get a glass of water. He followed me and squeezed my bum cheeks from behind. I arched my back and rested my hands on the vanity. He lifted my dress quickly and pushed my panties aside. Moments later I was already feeling his hard dick poking me.

He pushed me a bit forward, making me lean over the sink, parted my bum cheeks and took me from behind. His rock hard dick was throbbing inside of me very fast, making me groan and scream and groan again. Then he gave me a good spank on my bum and my pussy tightened up from excitement. Then he spanked again and again. He pulled me closer by my hair and bit my neck. This brutality was a totally unexplored realm to me, but it was very arousing.

He groped one of my boobs through my cleavage and pinched the nipple, while fucking me harder and harder. My loud moaning was echoing in the bathroom and he let out a wild groan himself when coming, squirting his cum all over my back.

“You’ll sleep better now”, he said when walking me to the door and gave me a cheeky goodbye kiss.

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