Hungry for Her

Passionate sex

He was hungry, I could tell that. Texting me on Facebook every few minutes and giving those subtle hints. About a nice evening feeling incomplete after seeing out his guests. About bourbon collection he had and a glass of some precious drops he poured himself. About blues vinyl he put on to play. I coul tell he was hinting for me to come over. I also gave him hints I wouldn’t mind his company, but I was in this teasing mood. Catching a cab and going to his place was damn tempting. Especially when I hadn’t had sex for more than two months and my partner was coming back from overseas in a week’s time. So I toyed with the idea of meeting up with my beau, but I thought I’d resist it.

After more than an hour of tantalising chat I was about to say goodbyes to him and go to bed, but then my phone rang. “Ma’m, your taxi is waiting for you”. What taxi? I hadn’t ordered one? “I was told you’d be going to this address”, and then the driver read me the name of the location that was too familiar for me. Of course it was him, the go getter. He was never mister charming by his looks, but it felt like he had some remote control and as soon as he pressed a button, I just couldn’t help myself: my hormones were flushing the brain and instincts taking over. As strong as I am, when a man shows such a determination, it simply disarms me and I act as I was told.

I slipped into a long summer dress, quickly touched up my make up, put on the heels and there I was having a ride to his place, all the tiredness gone and replaced with excitement. A couple of sprays of perfume before the cab pulled out into his neighbourhood and bare skin of madam’s legs flashed in the moonlight when the cab door opened up.

When I walked into his house, the blues was still playing in the background and only dim candle light was drawing his silhouette. He walked towards me slowly, took my hand and kissed it. “You look gorgeous”, he said, stepping back and admiring the sight. “Thank you”, I blushed in the dark.

He pulled me closer, embraced firmly and we started swinging along the tune of the music. I could feel his intense breathing with his face in my loose hair. Then electrifying kiss to my neck, and then another one, followed by stronger grip around my waist. I started trembling in his arms, feeling him getting more and more excited while kissing my neck passionately. I knew there won’t be much of preludes this time as I felt him leading me slowly towards the bedroom in the pace of slow dance.

He was usually starting to devour me from my breasts and nipples, but this time it was totally different. As soon as we reached the bed, he went down on his knees, lifted the skirt of my dress and started kissing my legs – slowly, sometimes running his tongue along my shins, sometimes planting a few soft small kisses here and there. His arms were gradually climbing upwards, squeezing my thighs and giving me an incredible sensation. I was so excited that I felt the wetness of my secret spot soaking through my g-strings and running down the inner things. I was standing there with my legs spread apart wishing he would get up quicker and reach my aching pussy.

I couldn’t wait any longer, this torture seemed unbearable. I layed down on bed, spread my legs and moved my panties aside, inviting him for the feast. His soft lips surrounded and started sucking my juicy peach and I started arching and moaning from an incredible pleasure. He was pressing my clit with his tongue and licking it so intensely, that I started orgasming straight away. I wanted to pull him up, but he moved down instead and submerged his tongue inside of me giving me the most incredible cunnilingus. It’s either the stars were bright that night or I was seeing them from pleasure as he continued on licking and sucking me eagerly, using his finger to tease my swollen clit from time to time.

I was so loud that he eventually had to shush me moving all the way up and covering my mouth with his hand, his hard dick entering me at the same time. I was lying there helpless, feeling his slow but deep frictions, going all the way inside of me and massaging the most sensitive spots and reminding me that nobody else could ever reach some of them but him.

“I promised you I’ll give you try some special bourbon”, – he stretched me a glass as he returned from the shower, wearing only a towel around his hips. He snuggled back to bed with his drink and I knew it’s just a short break before he gets hungry for me again.

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