Like a Schoolgirl

Woman in bed

It was a warm summer evening with pleasant breeze from an open window ruffling the curtain. I was running late for a meeting with my friend. We had tickets to a theatre performance that night. I jumped out of the shower and walked to the bedroom, leaving wet footsteps along the way. It was quite hot, so I reached out for the thinnest dress in my wardrobe. I havent worn it for ages, wasn’t even sure if it fits me any more. I put it on and dashed to check myself out in the full length mirror in the hallway.

Teenage-like girl with wet blond shoulder length hair and white, almost see-through dress was staring at me out of the mirror. I had a scratch on my knee after tripping on uneven cobblestones the other day, which only reinforced the image of a schoolgirl. I guess I had forgotten how short the dress was and I wasn’t even sure if this kind of attire is appropriate for a woman of my age. No time to change, will miss the performance otherwise. Quick touch up with mascara, a bit of lip gloss, handbag on my shoulder and I was running down the stairs.

I stepped outside and quickly turned around to close the door after me when I heard somebody stepping out of the car. When I turned towards the parking lot, our eyes met. First thing I noticed in them were the sparkles. Then dimples in the cheeks and well defined cheek bones. Dark hair, tanned skin, polo t-shirt. My eyes didn’t dare to go further down. I got petrified for a few seconds, my eyes travelled back up his chest, his square chin, his lips with a slight smile, his dark and long eyelashes and eyebrows nicely framing the face. When he spoke up, I had to think if I am sleeping or it can be real. “I just couldn’t help not to say hi”, his low baritone sounded like a music. “Hi”, – I smiled back at him. He asked if I didn’t mind to get to know each other and I heard myself saying that I didn’t, hardly believing it was me speaking. I had never showed any mercy to the guys approaching me in the street, ever. And suddenly all the safety-catches went out of order.

Then the reality struck after I remembered that I had to rush to the theatre. I quickly pulled out my business card, handed it in to him and fled away, leaving him standing at his black jeep watching me disappearing out of his sight.

There were a few days of silence. I was wondering if he was going to call me at all, until Friday came. My phone flashed with a text message: “Hello, Lady Swan. Would you be up for a drink tonight?” Not signed, but I just knew who that was.

He had a special request before we met, that I wear the same white dress. He said he had this image of me in his head the whole week and he wanted to get re-assured that I wasn’t just a creation of his imagination. So I decided to please him. I was feeling very feminine this time and I decided to be a bit more provocative by not wearing a bra. My nipples were poking out through the thin fabric of the dress and I was feeling slyly.

An hour later we were sitting at a hotel bar not far away from my home and drinking champagne. We hardly spoke, mostly smiling at each other and examining and memorising every single inch of the image in front of us. The trick with putting a dress on my bare body worked well judging by his eyes lingering on my breasts and on my erect nipples.

Not sure how much of champagne we drank, but it was challenging to walk in my high heels, so he lifted me up and decided to carry on his arms. I tried to resist when I realised that he’s taking me upstairs, but he silenced me with a passionate kiss.

He had a hotel room booked with more champagne waiting in it and a huge emperor bed. I gently landed on the bed and he opened the champagne. “You’re so pretty, Lady Swan”, – he whispered into my ear, while ruffling my hair with his fingers. The other hand found the way to my breasts, feeling the nipples. The touch through the fabric was very exciting and I let out a silent moan.

It all went like in a surrealistic movie afterwards. I remember his hands caressing my thighs, his lips kissing them while kneeling on the floor and getting closer and closer to my secret spot. By the time he reached it, my panties were soaking wet and I shivered from excitement when he started kissing my pussy through the fabric. He pulled the panties aside with his teeth and I gasped feeling his soft lips and tongue exploring me down there.

He had a magic tongue, sliding inside of me, licking and sucking me with softness and intensity that I’ve never experienced before. I had the best oral pleasure that night, followed by long and gentle sex, with his huge dick massaging me from the inside and giving me multiple orgasms. I loved watching him come on my breasts with such an intensity and ultimate pleasure reflected in his face.

He carried me to the shower and took me from behind under the pouring water. Our soapy bodies were sliding next to each other and it made us even more excited. We just couldn’t get enough and some more kissing and rolling in bed followed.

The rays of the morning sun were shimmering in the nearly full glasses of champagne next to the bed when I woke up. I smiled watching him sleep with those dimples still present even on his relaxed face. Lady Swan had to fly, but before that she kissed him goodbye leaving him asleep and walked out of the room barefoot like a schoolgirl, carrying high heels in her hand.

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