More Than a Coffee

Coffee and sex
“Do you mind if I sit here?”, – a soft voice sounded from above. “Umm, yes…I mean, no…”, I stammered seeing light blue eyes and perfectly proportional features of a sexy stranger. He smiled. I smiled back and moved my coffee cup to the side of the table, making some space for his laptop. I was writing an article on my tablet, but he totally distracted me and I couldn’t get my thoughts back together. I caught a faint whiff of cedar wood, my favourite scent when it comes to men perfumes. I was smelling the air and peeking at him secretly while he hung his jacket on the chair and unwrapped his scarf.

“Could you keep an eye on my things while I go get some water?” he asked again and I said I will. A few minutes passed and he came back with a bottle and two glasses. “I thought you might want some after having an espresso”, he smiled at me while filling up my glass. He was so considerate and I always get impressed by that type.
I was pretending I am continuing on working, but all what I managed to do was write meaningless threads of words. He asked me for wi-fi password and then the conversation started evolving around the slow Internet connection, the atmosphere of the coffee shop, that was pretty good for working, our favourite kinds of coffee and so on. He was an interesting conversationalist and a bit flirty, so I couldn’t help myself but respond in a subtly flirtatious manner.
Needless to say no work was done and the conversation continued on flowing until the barista announced that the cafe will be closing. We both packed our gadgets and walked outside. It was nice winter evening with small snowflakes falling from the sky. We were standing there in the street, examining each others face, as if trying to remember every single wrinkle and freckle. I was enjoying his company too much, but it was time so say goodbyes. “So I guess I’ll let you go so you can go back home and continue on writing your article” he said, with a tentative voice. “Yeah, I was planning on finishing it and publishing it tonight” I lied. I couldn’t show I was easy to get, not my style. And boy, I was regretting that when walking away while he was standing still and watching me go.
I was about to disappear around the corner when I had the last look his way and then I stopped. He started walking towards me. I could see his smile from afar and when he approached me, he looked me into the eye. Then things started evolving unexpectedly. I could feel his arm wrapping around my waist and his soft warm lips softly landing on mine. If there is such a feeling as being lost in the moment, I experienced it right there.
When our lips finally parted, the first thing he did was apologise. And then we both started giggling. He suggested to have a bit of a walk and so we did. The snow continued on falling from the sky and we walked and walked along white streets of the city until we started feeling cold. My house was way further than one can walk back to on a wintery night and his place was just a few blocks away. “How about we go to my place, I make you some tea to warm up and then I’ll call you a cab to get you home?”, he suggested. It sounded like a good plan and half an hour later we were sitting in his kitchen hugging mugs with peppermint tea.
He picked up a phone to call a cab, but it appeared to be not an easy task. It was Saturday night, so cabs were quite busy. I wasn’t that keen on his suggestion to stay at his place, but after a few more call attempts I gave up. He was kind enough letting me sleep in his bed, while he took a blanket and a pillow and went to the living room.
I was slowly drifting into the sleep still smelling his perfume lingering somewhere on my skin, when I felt him sit down on the side of the bed and kiss me softly into the forehead. “I just wanted to make sure you are warm enough”. My feet were still cold, that’s what I told him and he reached for them under the blanked. “Oh, you are freezing!”, he gasped and I shivered from his touch. “Would you like me to give you a foot rub to warm you up?”. I couldn’t refuse. He made himself comfortable on bed and reached out for my feet with both hands. His touch was so soft when he started massaging me. Not sure what buttons he was pushing there, but I was getting more and more excited, taking deep breaths while he was rubbing my feet with increasing intensity. He started going up my calves, barely touching my skin and I moaned a bit. His strong hands were going up and down my legs, reaching my knees and sliding a bit higher up my thighs. This sweet torture was getting unbearable.
“Would you like me to continue?”, he asked and I responded with this “mhm” sound. He took off his t-shirt and got under the blanket. I was lying there with my eyes closed, feeling his hands massaging the outer parts of my thighs while his lips were running along the inner parts. My moaning started getting louder. He stopped and moved himself up to kiss my face. “I want you bad”, he whispered to my ear and then silenced me with a kiss before I said anything. He ruffled my hair while kissing me and I was stroking his back while feeling his hard on. His kisses were so soft, barely touching my skin and I was shivering feeling his lips running down my neck, my chest and reaching one of my breasts. He caught one of my nipples and slightly squeezed it with his teeth, while reaching for another one with his hand. He sucked the nipple so intensely, that I almost felt like orgasming from pleasure and his fingers were playing with the other one, twisting and squeezing it.
I felt I am getting wet down there and I wanted him to feel that too, so I pushed his hand towards my wet spot. His fingers slid along my pussy, finding the bump and he started playing with it, while continuing on sucking on my nipples, switching from one to the other. He was driving me crazy. I wanted to feel him sliding along my wet pussy and inside of me. I reached out to his boxers and pushed them down. He got the clue, helping me with that, until they were gone and my hand reached out to his dick. It felt nice in my hand, so hard from excitement. I started stroking it slowly, pointing it towards the spot of pleasure. The feeling of him rubbing against my clit was amazing. He teased me a bit, massaging my juicy bump and making me even more excited. And then he pushed himself inside of me – gently, but firmly. I moaned and wrapped my legs around him, making him go even deeper.
He picked up the rhythm and his moves started getting faster and faster. It didn’t take long for me until I reached the screaming orgasm and seconds after it he pulled his dick out and came on my belly while I enjoyed watching his face with the expression of intense pleasure.
He rolled to the side and was catching his breath, while stroking my hair with one hand. I wanted more, he helped me work out this enormous hunger. I moved closer to him, kissed him softly and gripped his dick with my hand. It stiffened again immediately. I moved myself down and gave it a good lick. He moaned and it sounded so sexy. I wrapped my lips around the dick and started sucking it faster, hearing him moan louder. I was about to get on the top when he took up the initiative himself, turning me on the side and sliding in from the back. My pussy was very tight lying that way and I really enjoyed feeling him moving fast while gripping one of my boobs with his hand and twisting the nipple. His cock was throbbing inside of me, massaging every single spot, giving me multiple orgasms. Suddenly he pulled out and I could feel his hot cum squirting all over my bum and my back.
I was awakened by the smell of freshly brewed coffee coming from the kitchen and smiled even before I opened my eyes, realising, that it was not a dream. And I already knew what I wanted for breakfast.

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