My Girlfriend’s Son

Sex with younger man

My eyebrows lifted when I saw them walking towards me. I knew that my friend liked younger men, but I didn’t realise that she is into that young guys. She was dressed up, wearing her usual bright red lipstick and he was in a black coat, with a trendy haircut and a big knit scarf wrapped aroound his neck.

“Meet my son”, she said to me and he stretched his arm towards me for a handshake. She chuckled observing the expression of my face. She never told me how old her son was and I assumed he is still a kid. Instead I saw this almost fully grown tall man in front of me. And he was damn cute: dark eyes and eyebrows, well defined cheekbones, little dimples in his cheeks and plump lips. I spotted a shadow of uncertainty and a lack of confidence in his innocent Bambi look that made the picture even more appealing.

I felt my hormones flushing my brain and all what I could think of was him. He sat down in front of me in the restaurant where we all had brunch. It didn’t get long to realise that not only he was cute, but also very smart. We ended up talking to him on all sorts of topics starting with food and finishing with art, while my friend was flicking through ladies’ magazine. Meanwhile me and him were too much preoccupied with each others presence.

A few days later she gave me a call and invited over for dinner. When he came to the dining room and said hi to me, i blushed like a schoolgirl. The time just flew by over the meal and a glass of wine an I couldn’t take my eyes off him.

Even though he was in the last grade of high school, he sounded and acted so mature for his age. He was so impressed with my expertise in art and philosophy and and it seemed he is memorising every bit of advice I was giving in terms of books to read or things to look up. It was flattering my ego and I really enjoyed being a role model for him.

It was pretty late by the time we finished our dinner and my friend suggested her son walks me to the bus stop. He acted like a gentlemen, helping me to get dressed and opening the doors for me. It was a short walk, but we took it very slow, enjoying each others’ company and the conversation. The destination was reached way too quick and we had to say goodbyes as I saw the bus approaching. He thanked me for an interesting conversation and gave me a hug first, but suddenly I felt his soft lips on my cheek just before he let me go.

I couldn’t fall asleep that night and ended up looking him up on Facebook. The next morning I found his message sent way past midnight. He asked me to remind him of one book I adviced him to read, but I just knew it wasn’t about the book.

A couple of days later I was standing at their apartment, ringing the door bell holding the book he was asking about in my hands. I knew that my girlfriend is attending a formal event that night and he was alone at home.

He was waiting for me and gave me a hug in the hallway, that ended up in a kiss, just like last time. But this time he planted the kiss to the corner of my lips. I parted them a bit subconsciously and caught his lips. I could feel his arms wrapping around me and he started kissing me passionately.

We both got a bit shy when our lips finally parted. He helped me to take off my coat and invited me over to his room. He was showing his book collection and was telling me about his favourite writers passionately, but the only thing that was spinning in my head was “I want to kiss him”. He reached out to the book shelf and when he turned back to me, I was so close that our lips met again.

I heard the book he was holding dropping down on his bed. He embraced me and started caressing my body. I could feel his hands trembling and his shyness and innosence were so adorable. I saw him getting excited and I encouraged him undoing a few buttons of my blouse and slipping his hand under it. He got my hint and after caressing my breasts a bit he undid all the buttons and my blouse was gone. I helped him removing his t-shirt and when he kissed my bare breasts I knew I wanted him and I didn’t care about anything else.

We fell on his bed and his shiverring lips started exploring my body, while I was guiding his head down my chest towards my belly and to the spot of ultimate pleasure. He found the way to it and started licking it, – first with the tip of his tongue and then more and more eagerly. “Now suck the bump”, I commanded softly and he did so.

“Come here”, I whispered to him after a while, showing him that it was time to engage into different kind of action. He kissed me softly to my lips and entered me very gently. I was smiling at him while he was moving inside of me, looking a bit shy and confused and trying to read my face if he was doing everything right. His single bed was not the most comfortable for two of us, but the pleasure I was experiencing was overwhelming all the inconveniences.

I could see he needed some encouragement. “You are incredible”, I said to him toucing his face and he smiled, increasing the speed of movements. I moened, a bit louder than usual, just to give him some assertion that I am enjoying it. He fucked me with this energy of a young stud and came with a loud groan, collapsing on top of me eventually.

I was stroking his back and kissing his shoulder, still wanting for more, but I knew that it has to be some other time. His mum could have returned home any minute. “I had sex before, but you were the first women I had ever tasted”, he admitted and I smilled. “Next time I can teach you a few other things if you like”, I promised and gave him a soft kiss.

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