A Night with a Superhero

Passionate couple

One night I received a message from a guy on a dating site. I was hesitant to reply since we were miles away, but his profile photo portraying his muscular torso from the back looked quite tempting, so I ended up sending a mere “Hi”. Message after message we got into conversation. He was good at teasing me and asking provocative questions and I enjoyed playing “hard to get” game. I found out that he is a paramedic and the image of his well toned body in his uniform was making me quite excited. I nicknamed him a Superhero, who is always ready to rescue somebody and I could tell it was flattering his male ego.

I wasn’t even thinking that our conversation would evolve into anything else, but sometimes things happen without planning. A couple of weeks later I was sent to the other city for work and that’s when I remembered about the Superhero who lived there. I was back in my hotel room, tired after a long day when I opened my laptop and logged in to the dating site. I was tempted to send the Superhero a message and tell him that I am in town, but I was so tired that I ended up closing the laptop and plunging onto the big hotel bed.

I fell asleep and woke up an hour later still thinking of him. I logged back into the site and sent him a message “Guess, who’s in the neighbourhood?” It was pretty late and I wasn’t expecting he’ll get back to me, but I received a reply straight away. “You’re in town?”, – he asked and when I said I was, he was pretty straightforward: “Would you invite me for a tea?”. The Superhero was pushing the limits and even though I was toying with the idea of having him in my big bed, I didn’t want him to think I was an easy prey. “That was very bold of you, mister”, I replied, saying that he should watch his manners when inviting a girl on the first date. His confident reply “It was, but you never know what you can get until you try” was both infuriating me and making excited at the same time. He kept on teasing me for a bit, until I set the rules of the game: “10pm, at the entrance of the hotel”.

He lived quite close to the place where I was staying and I had a few minutes to get ready for the date. At first I was thinking of staying in my jeans and a black top, but the last minute I decided to change into a dress. I set my hair loose and sprayed some provocative perfume. “You look good, girl”, – I winked at myself in the mirror before leaving the room.

On my way downstairs I received a text message from him saying “Look for a guy with glasses”, to which I replied: “Look for a girl in leather jacket”. Seconds later I saw his shining smile in front of the hotel entrance. We hit off straight away and a flirtatious conversation was flowing while we walked along the streets of the city. He was a bit reserved at the beginning, but when we got tired and sat down on a bench to get some rest, I felt his arm sliding under my jacked and wrapping around my waist. It was quite chilly, so we were sitting close to each other for a while. When I turned my head towards him, I saw him looking at me with this devilish smile on his face. I smiled back and his lips landed on mine. I coud feel his strong hands slowly rising along my back and I was getting shivers from excitement. He knew how to kiss and his touch was electrifying.

We kissed like teenagers in the moonlight until we got cold and I suggested we go back to the hotel and have some warm tea. I knew I wanted him bad, but I was still toying with the idea of the possible endings of the evening. Should I brace myself and send him home after we have tea in my room or should I give into temptation?

When we reached the hotel, I made us tea while the Superhero laid down on bed, watching me and smiling with these irresistible sparks in his eyes. I placed the tea cups on the bed side table and landed on the bed myself. And then I felt his arms on me again, exploring the curves of my body. He pulled me towards him and started kissing my neck, going down slowly to my cleavage. The dress was perfect for that: the v-neck was going all the way down to my bra and his lips continued on exploring my breasts.

His kisses were taking my breath away and in my mind I was already ripping his clothes off, but playing a shy girl was quite exciting and I wanted to see how mister Superman would steer things. He was listening to me breathing deep and letting a silent moan every now and again, while laying me down, lifting my dress and kissing my belly. I was shivering from excitement, when he placed my hand on his trousers. I could feel a big bulge and started stroking it over the fabric.

Minutes later, between many kisses all over my body, he unzipped his fly, smiling at me and pushing my hand towards the gap and whispering to me: “Explore”. I slid my hand inside his trousers, feeling his hard penis underneath his underwear. I didn’t want to wait any longer, so I slightly pulled his pants down. He understood my hint and completely freed himself out of them. His t-shirt was next thing I hinted him to remove. All that was left was his underwear, but he moved out of my reach, all the way down to my panties and pushed them to the side, while feeling my wet pussy with his finger. He planted a few kisses on my inner thighs, then raised his eyes from down there with this look, meaning “May I?” I smiled back with a slight nod and closed my eyes, feeling his soft lips surrounding my swollen bud.

I was moaning and moving my hips slightly, while he was sucking and licking my pussy until I couldn’t handle the torture any longer and pulled him upwards, trying to show what I want. He travelled up my body while kissing it until the ruffled dress got in the way. He bypassed it, found reaches to my breasts through the cleavage until his lips found one of my nipples. The way he started sucking and biting it was driving me mental and I was moaning louder and louder.

I felt one of his fingers sliding inside of my soaking wet pussy. He was moving it in circular movements, exactly the way I like it and I could hardly brace myself not screaming loud from excitement. I tried to reach and get his underwear off, but he decided to tease me even more, slipping two fingers inside of me. I couldn’t stand this sweet torture any more, so I pushed him to the side and pulled his underwear down, revealing his rock hard dick.

I got on the top of him, still with my dress on, and started sliding back and forward along his dick. It was my turn to tease him, so I was letting him feel how wet I am but avoiding on letting him slip inside of me. Finally I decided to give in and I felt him sliding gently deep inside. I lifted my hips a bit while leaning to the front and let him move underneath of me. He was caressing my breasts squeezing and twisting my nipples that was driving me wild. Suddenly he pushed me to the side, we changed places and he got on top. He continued on massaging my breasts while moving his hips faster and faster, while I was gasping out of pleasure. After a while he made me stand on for and I could feel his balls slapping to my wet pussy. I was biting a pillow so I don’t scream like crazy when big waves of excitement were rolling along my body as I had an orgasm. Just moments later I felt him pulling his dick out and coming on my back.

We had a bit of a snooze when it all started from the beginning and continued on throughout the night with moans and screams of pleasure as the morning hours approached. While still in bed I was watching the Superhero showering through semi open bathroom door and it was one of the most pleasant sights I’ve ever had. His muscular body and especially his buttocks were picture-perfect.

I left the hotel to catch a train back home and he went to work to get dressed in his uniform and to assume his daily role of life saving Superhero. As for me, he’ll always be a Supehero in a totally different amplua, making me smile every time I remember him.

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