Passionate About Wine

Passionate about wine

I had seen him in that bar a few times before: broad shouldered, with glasses framing his square face and always with a suit jacket. As many times as I saw him, he was holding a glass of red wine in his hand, inhaling the aroma and examining the colour. He was doing it even when he was talking to somebody. And he usually was surrounded by women.

He said hi to me once, but I try to avoid people who are constantly in the centre of attention. So back then I smiled at him and dissapeared in the crowd. This time he was standing alone at the bar, even though the place was packed as usual on Fridays. He was swirling his wine dreamily, until he noticed me, also with a glass of red. He toasted at me and smiled with a corner of his lips. I responded with the same and even though I usually don’t do that, I walked to him and said hi first. I didn’t have any company that night, so I thought I’d satisfy my curiosity and see if he is one of those eccentric types as he looked from the distance.

He was certainly happy receiving attention, but not as snobbish as I thought. However, he liked to impress. I won’t lie, it didn’t take too much of an effort to him to impress me. Since we both were sipping on wine, topics started evolving around it. His knowledge of wine was incredible: he knew everything about it, starting with tasting notes and finishing with vineyards and their owners, whom he had met in person. Not only that, but he was talking about wine with such a passion that you could think it was his lover. And I always thought there was something extremely sexy with men who are passionate about something.

When we finished our glasses, he ordered a bottle of French Pinot Noir and told me a story how he stayed at the small chateax of the winemakers of it for a few days.

The more he talked, the more hypnotised I was getting and the wine contributed to that. The music was playing loud, so we were leaning on the bar, close to each other almost touching our faces when speaking into each others ear. I could smell his perfume, that was making me more and more excited. I shiverred when he wrapped his arm around my waist gently. “I have a bottle of seriously good red I brought from Piemont a couple of years ago. Would you keep me company opening it?”

I just couldn’t say no, both intrigued by the wine and by the possible continuation of the night. We hailed a cab in the street and zipped through the streets of the city. He lived in an old Victorian house with fireplace and antique furniture. As soon as we stepped in, he put some music on and started his tour showing me a cabinet full of crystal glasses for different types of wine. He was taking out different glasses and explaining how the shape of a glass effects revelation of wine flavour. Eventually he chose the appropriate glass and poured some wine from the bottle he opened for us. While he was talking, I watched his lips and all I could think of was kissing him.

But I braced myself. I wasn’t even sure if this invitation for wine meant wine only. We were sitting on the couch, having a chit chat while enjoying the last precious drops when I felt his finger running along my thigh gently. Then he leaned towards me and kissed me with the same passion as he talked. I just knew he would be a perfect lover.

Our clothes started falling off one by one while we were making our way to his bedroom, still attached to each other with our lips. I didn’t get a chance to look at him from a distance, but I could feel his nice muscly back when running my hands through it.

I was only in underwear when we reached the bed. He went down on his knees caressing my thighs and kissing my belly, while I was gasping from excitement. I was already soaking wet when he pulled my panties down with his teeth.

From that moment the universe started spinning to me. He entered me lying on the edge of his bed and started moving inside with gentle yet confident movements. I was squeezing my breasts  moaning loud and he was watching me smiling, realeasing a silent groan every now and again. I started screaming, feeling waves of pleasure going through my body. It turned him on even more and he exploaded all over me seconds later.

He continued on kissing and caressing me in bed until his hard on started poking me again. I wanted to be in charge this time, so I got on top of him, and started moving my hips back and forward, feeling him massaging every single spot inside of me. He gripped my breasts and started playing with nipples, that made me even wilder. He responded with a loud moan until we both climaxed with a screaming orgasm.

A few minutes of snooze were much needed just to wake up with new power and hunger for more. “You’re really insatiable”, I smiled and kissed him, feeling his dick slipping in between of my thighs. “It’s all that wine. It evokes this hunger in me”, he laughed and lifted one of my thighs up so he can get the access to my wet spot.

The morning came sooner than we expected and the sun rays were tickling our naked bodies between the sheets. I looked at the clock and realised I better go home and get ready for weekend family event. He got up, wrapped himself in a bath robe and went to the kitchen while I was getting dressed. He returned with a cup of espresso for me and I was grateful for it.

I phoned the cab, quickly drank the coffee and touched up my make up. “I better run now”, I said. “Thanks for the wine lesson, it was really interesting”. “Glad it was”, he smiled at me. “Don’t ever forget that wine is like sex, you have to be into it in order to indulge properly”, he added, planting a soft farewell kiss on my lips.

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