Spanish Flamenco


I had just moved in to my brand new appartement. There was almost no furniture yet and just a few basic household appliances. I had a fold up mattress on the floor in the middle of the room and some boxes with my belongings.

It was getting close to the New Years eve and I was preparing for this Spanish themed party I had been invited to. I pulled out some clothes and was trying them on looking for the best combination. Red see-through top with flair sleeves. Long black skirt with a slit on the side, revealing one of my legs in fish net stockings. High heels. Red flower to my dark wavy hear. Not bad. Only a fan is missing, I’ll get it from a party outfit store tomorrow. And the make up. I wasn’t planning putting it on that day, but then I really got into this dress up game and minutes later femme fatal with red lips, black eyeliner defined eyes and some blush on the cheeks was standing in front of the mirror. I reached out and sprayed on some provocative perfume I had tucked away for some special occasions. Toss of head. Wink of seduction. Smile. Senorita was ready for the fiesta.

The door bell rang. The electrician came over to put up my light fittings. I wasn’t planning to meet him in my Spanish role, but there was no time to get changed, so I opened the door. His eyes widened and he greeted me with something sounding like “Umm…h-h-hello” as he saw me standing at the door. He even double checked if he was at the right place. I could hardly brace myself from giggling. Those Spanish charms.
He walked in with his fold-up ladder and started getting his tools ready. I didn’t even have a chair to sit on myself, so I was standing in the middle of the room trying to engage into a social conversation. I could see him checking me out with a corner of his eye and I swear I could sense the pheromones in the air.
He said it was cold outside and I offered him some tea to warm up. He happily accepted my offer, so I went to put the kettle on, while he was standing on the ladder and putting the fixtures. Now it was my turn to have a perve on him from my open plan kitchen. He was sexy. Tall, muscly and his hair was nice and thick. My type, I smiled to myself. It seemed like he read my mind giving me this look and smiled from the top of the ladder.
By the time the tea was ready, he finished the job and packed up his tools. I brought a cup of tea over to him and offered to sit on my improvised mattress bed. Drinking tea standing wasn’t very comfortable. I didn’t have the second cup, so he offered me to share it with me. I laughed and said it was a rather intimate offer to which he cheekily replied: “Depends on the way you look at it”. He noticed all those candles on the floor. “I bet your light system looks better than mine”, he said and I offered to try it out and see. He lit up the candles and I turned off the lights.
We were sitting on the mattress in the dim light when I noticed his look lingering on one of my thighs. It didn’t take long to realise why: when I sat down the slash of my skirt separated, revealing the suspensions of my stockings. I blushed and covered them quickly. “It looked nice”, – he said smiling.  – “Are you a flamenco teacher by chance?” I decided to tease him a bit and I said I was. He asked if I could show him some basic moves and I continued on playing the game. I found some Spanish music on my phone, turned it on and danced my spontaneously created improvisation of flamenco. He seemed impressed. Not sure, it was for real or he was just good at acting. I quite enjoyed this game and said that red wine is a must in order to get into the Spanish spirit properly. He didn’t mind as I pulled out a bottle of Rioja I picked up the other day for the house-warming, whenever some of my friends pay me a visit.
We were sipping the wine while talking about all sorts of insignificant things, starting with the weather outside and finishing with decorating the flat. He thought a red painting would be perfect at the bed head. The wine was going down very well and so was the conversation. He moved closer to me and looked into my eye. Then  I leaned towards him, anticipating  a kiss. I could feel his breathing, the warmth of his body, that made goosebumps on my skin. I wanted him bad, right now. But then he backed down. “It’s time to go, I still have one client to attend”, and then he stood up. It took me a some seconds to comprehend that. “I see”, I mumbled and walked him to the door. “I’ll send you an invoice tomorrow”, he said as I thanked him for his service. And he closed the door behind him.
I was standing with the back pressed against the wall and biting my lip. Damn, that was so intriguing, so tempting, so breathtaking. I kicked my high heels off and poured the rest of the wine into my glass. And then the door bell rang again. It was him. The very first second I opened the door he grabbed me and his lips got attached to mine. We kissed like teenagers: deeply and passionately, with our fingers in each others hair. Moments later we started loosing our clothes on the way to my ascetic bed. He went down on his knees when we reached it, holding my hips with his hands and started kissing me down there. I spread my legs apart and his tongue stared caressing my pussy, while I was tousling his hair. The pleasure was so intense that for a moment it felt like I am seeing the stars. My knees started buckling and I knelt down myself with his lips waiting there for mine.
We were kissing and rolling on the floor and then kissing again. I could feel his erect penis poking me and when I couldn’t wait any longer I reached out for it with my hand and directed it towards my wet spot so he gets an idea what’s happening down there. “Do you want me?”, – I asked him seductively. “Mhmm”, was his answer when he pushed himself closer and slid inside. “Ahh, you feel so good”, I moaned as he started moving in and out of me. It felt like he was teasing me, dipping the tip of his penis into my wet pussy and then pulling it out again. Argh, I wanted to attack him like a panther, so I got on top and took the initiative. I was sliding up and down, all the way down and watching him moaning from pleasure was turning me on even more. I loved feeling him all the way inside of me when I moved my hips to the sides.
I decided to continue the rodeo with a reverse cowgirl position. I moaned so loud when I moved feeling his dick massaging my g-spot and I heard him seconding me. I could feel he’s about to come, so I got off him and wrapped my lips around gis dick. His orgasm was intense and he exploded in my mouth. I licked him off as he was cuddling my hair.
“That was the best flamenco dance I’ve ever experienced”, he smiled at me while touching my face as we were laying next to each other. “You’ve seen only the basic moves yet”, I responded flirtatiously and planted a kiss on his lips.

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