More Than a Coffee

Coffee and sex
“Do you mind if I sit here?”, – a soft voice sounded from above. “Umm, yes…I mean, no…”, I stammered seeing light blue eyes and perfectly proportional features of a sexy stranger. He smiled. I smiled back and moved my coffee cup to the side of the table, making some space for his laptop. I was writing an article on my tablet, but he totally distracted me and I couldn’t get my thoughts back together. I caught a faint whiff of cedar wood, my favourite scent when it comes to men perfumes. I was smelling the air and peeking at him secretly while he hung his jacket on the chair and unwrapped his scarf.

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Making out couple

That face when I walked out of the bathroom. I saw him already naked, lying in bed leaning on his elbow, with only a corner of the blanket covering his hips and well-trained abs. I gasped silently. His natural innocent, almost Bambi look had something else in it. A bit of confusion, a bit of curiosity as if asking me “So you won’t get undressed?”.

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Missed Flight

Sexy bum

couldn’t believe it I missed the flight. I am very well organised and I usually come to the airport way in advance. I did it this time too, but I was so busy texting my new admirer, that I ended up waiting at the wrong gate and when I woke up to myself my plane was gone. Baggage pick up, fight rescheduling for the next morning, fancy airport hotel and a massive bill to pay for all of that. Needless to say, I was a bit upset with myself.

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