Spanish Flamenco


I had just moved in to my brand new appartement. There was almost no furniture yet and just a few basic household appliances. I had a fold up mattress on the floor in the middle of the room and some boxes with my belongings.

It was getting close to the New Years eve and I was preparing for this Spanish themed party I had been invited to. I pulled out some clothes and was trying them on looking for the best combination. Red see-through top with flair sleeves. Long black skirt with a slit on the side, revealing one of my legs in fish net stockings. High heels. Red flower to my dark wavy hear. Not bad. Only a fan is missing, I’ll get it from a party outfit store tomorrow. And the make up. I wasn’t planning putting it on that day, but then I really got into this dress up game and minutes later femme fatal with red lips, black eyeliner defined eyes and some blush on the cheeks was standing in front of the mirror. I reached out and sprayed on some provocative perfume I had tucked away for some special occasions. Toss of head. Wink of seduction. Smile. Senorita was ready for the fiesta.

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Missed Flight

Sexy bum

couldn’t believe it I missed the flight. I am very well organised and I usually come to the airport way in advance. I did it this time too, but I was so busy texting my new admirer, that I ended up waiting at the wrong gate and when I woke up to myself my plane was gone. Baggage pick up, fight rescheduling for the next morning, fancy airport hotel and a massive bill to pay for all of that. Needless to say, I was a bit upset with myself.

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