My Girlfriend’s Son

Sex with younger man

My eyebrows lifted when I saw them walking towards me. I knew that my friend liked younger men, but I didn’t realise that she is into that young guys. She was dressed up, wearing her usual bright red lipstick and he was in a black coat, with a trendy haircut and a big knit scarf wrapped aroound his neck.

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Russian Romance

Sexy woman on floor

I was standing in the wintery cold in the shadow of cathedral, watching small snowflakes spinning in the wind. He texted me he will be running late and I was dead tired after long working day. Maybe it wasn’t such a good idea to arrange a meet up with him. What was I thinking when I sent him that message on social network the other day?

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Strip Angel

Pole dancer

She looked like an angel, flying in the air while spinning around the striptease pole. Blond hair, fair skin and a gorgeous body, dressed in a long white lace dress with many small buttons in front of it. The flexibility of her body, her elegant moves and her beauty were creating an awe-inspiring picture. It was the first time when I thought that female striptease can be beautiful. It was so enchanting that I was watching it entranced,  and wishing for it not to end.

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