The Loud Apollo

sexy guy in bed

My orgasms are usually very strong and they get intensified when I scream. Screaming is both therapy and pleasure enhancer for me. Partners who are vocal in bed drive me even more wild, but I hardly meet any men who would let themselves moan or even scream. Of course, with some rare exceptions.

He was one of those exceptions and I realised that when I innocently kissed him to the neck the first time and he let out a passionate moan. I simply knew he will make me crazy in bed and I almost wished we would have had a bed next to us back then.
It took some weeks and some arrangements had to be made until the right opportunity came. I invited him over for dinner to my place. Plump lips, dark wavy hair way past the term of the haircut and therefore looking both a bit careless and sexy. He was much younger than me, so he was allowed to be careless.
We had a meal and some nice red with it while teasing each other and giggling like teenagers. After the dinner I excused myself and went to the bedroom. I lit the candles, looked at the bed with fresh sheets on it and smiled at myself in the mirror. Time to invite ‘mister-sexy-lips’ for an after party.
He was so sensual, gasping from every touch and kiss of mine and nothing could turn me on more. I was moaning myself, reacting to the intonations of his voice and the pleasure of being caressed by his lips. He unzipped my dress from the back while kissing my neck and the area of my revealed back pushing the dress off my shoulders and letting it slip down my body and drop on the floor. The bra ended up at the same place shortly after that. His hands reached out for my breasts with erect nipples reminding of two ripe berries. I loved how he was cupping my breasts, that were perfectly fitting into his large palms. He was taking his time, continuing on working his way through my back with his incredibly soft lips, but I wanted to have a taste of them, so I turned around. His eyes looked almost black in the dim candle light and he both looked innocent and confident in what he was doing.
And he was making my knees buckle and my brain melt, probably not entirely realising his own effect on me. I unbuttoned his shirt and started kissing his chest, when I heard those sounds that turn me on so much. It was not as much of his moans, as about the velvety voice that those moans sounded in, that was driving me crazy.
I didn’t want to wait any longer and helped him loose the rest of his clothes, letting myself to admire his bulge in Calvin Klein underwear for a while, looking like a model from the ads. His penis was perfectly shaped, with hair trimmed around it. I started with licking a tip of it and then kissing and sucking his sack, that resulted in even louder moans. When I raised my eyes to look at him standing with his chin raised, his lips a bit open while breathing deep and his eyes closed, he looked like a perfectly sculpted Apollo.
I didn’t care about the neighbours, not that night. We both were moaning in bed, resonating and encouraging each other. The whole night was series of multiple screaming orgasms coming in waves and I didn’t want it to end. The way he was thrusting in me was making me wriggle and moan, push him away a bit from the unbearable torture of pleasure and then pull him back close to me again. The Apollo was restless and after a countess number of sex acts he fell asleep out of exhaustion, with his perfectly shaped penis still being erect.
The moon was casting its light on the bed with naked bodies, barely covered with white sheets. I got up, wrapped myself in a night-gown and stepped out to the balcony. Watching the moon above the trees and slowly inhaling the smoke of a cigarette I was wondering if I should wake him up and send home or let him sleep in my bed till the morning. I got back inside and looked at him sleeping. I took my gown off and slipped under the blanket, tangling his body with my legs and my arms and planting a kiss on his forehead, then closed my eyes smiling. A girl doesn’t get an Apollo in her bed every night.

7 thoughts on “The Loud Apollo

  1. Rain says:

    Since a passive voice sentence is perfectly correct grammar in English, there is no reason for a grammar checker to point them out, so grammar checkers don’t flag them in any manner.The bit about ‘fix them’ is confusing. What is there to fix? Passive voice is part of the language, and unless the construction is strained in some way to inteitnonally make a sentence passive, there is nothing wrong and nothing to fix.

  2. Que de bonnes choses ! Vraiment une bonne idée de sélectionner ainsi, on serait passé à côté des coquilles Saint-Jacques au yuzu, petits navets glacés, Sorbet-orange etc…. Le sud me plaît aussi.

  3. Il est amusant de voir souligner l’excès de « zèle » une fois que les institutions sont à la botte.Si M. Sarkozy en a « marre de se faire siffler par des cons », que dire des français qui, eux aussi, en ont marre d’être gouvernés par des … !

  4. Se fosse assim será que a gente se safava? (estou só a brincar, claro que num partido que vive a democracia – chama-se centralismo democrático – não podem acontecer coisas destas…)Abreijos

  5. I really enjoyed this post. I have thought a lot about those terms myself. A “practising” anything, has always seemed to me a tautology, whereas a “non-practising” something has seemed to negate either or both terms. Thanks for making fuzziness acceptable

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