Wild Instincts

Holiday sex
We were visiting his parents for holidays. They lived in a nice countryside house surrounded by woods. The guest room that we were put up was very spacious with emperor sized bed, which was inviting us to try it out. As soon as we put our bags in the room and closed the door behind us, we started kissing and we ended up falling on the bed.

We were not planning on getting too crazy as we had to go and help his mum preparing the dinner, but this country house setting was really waking up some wild instincts in us. I reached out for his bulge and unzipped the fly. He pulled my cleavage down and freed my boobs, attaching to one of them with his lips instantly. I moaned loudly and he silenced me with his hand. I knew that the house has rather thin walls and his parents were downstairs.
He squeezed both of my boobs firmly with his hands and sucked the nipples in turns, making me more and more excited. I wanted him bad, inside of me, but I decided to tease him a bit first and went down on him. releasing his ripe dick, that was already pulsating with desire. I surrounded my lips around the head and started caressing it with my tongue softly, then started moving up and down, while holding it firmly at the base. He couldn’t groaned a bit, pulled me up and we started ripping each others clothes.
We knew that we don’t have much time, so it had to be a quickie. I stood up, leaned on the chest of drawers and parted my legs. My pussy was sore from desire and dripping wet. He probed it with one finger, then sucked it as I heard this ‘mmm’ sound and then two of his fingers slid inside of me. He fingered me for a while until my pussy got even more went and then entered me. He was fucking me like a wild animal and I was biting my lip so I don’t start screaming. He was groping my swinging boobs and the chest was slightly banging to the wall. Just as I was about to come we heard some footsteps in the stairwell and then in the adjacent room. He slowed down a bit, but still continued on fucking me and squeezing my nipples. I started gasping feeling multiple orgasms coming. The footsteps went silent for a while and then we heard them further down the staircase.
We went back to bed, he laid me right on the edge of it with my legs down and he entered me again. I loved that position and I could watch his wild animal expression while he was fucking me.  “More, more!”, I begged and he was slamming so hard that the bed frame was screeching. We heard his dad yelling something from downstairs, and the adrenaline that he’s gonna come and  knock to our door kicked in again, making us even more excited. “I want you to come on my boobs” I whispered as I felt he was getting close to culminating. He pulled out his dick quickly and slid two fingers inside of me, reaching my g-spot. I let out a silent scream and then felt him coming all over me. We heard his dad calling him again. It was time to get dressed and go downstairs, pretending that nothing had happened.

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